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Lotus Computer USA


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America's best computers

We try hard to earn the trust and appreciation of our customers, and it shows.
With amazing service, premium build quality, and great value, what's not to love?


Your dream computer, built & supported in the USA
World-leading quality, performance, and service for everyone. That's the Lotus difference.

We don't make slow computers

Every Lotus is assembled with the best components available. We use faster processors, more memory, and fast SSDs even on our more basic models. We don’t settle for low-end specs so your Lotus can keep up with any task you throw at it.

Every Lotus computer is assembled in the USA

We assemble every Lotus in the United States with great care using the best components from around the world. Each Lotus undergoes a thorough inspection – both inside and out – to ensure that your American-made desktop computer is free of any issues upon delivery.

Truly the best service

It seems rare to find anybody who truly cares nowadays, as if the world’s come to expect outsourced or poor support as the standard. At Lotus, we defy expectations by providing not only the most attentive support in the industry, but even encouraging direct contact with our company owner.

No junk software

Our computers contain no bloatware – those unwanted programs large brands install on their computers that bog down its performance. We only preinstall what you want us to preinstall. Need anything? Just ask!

Genuine quality, built to last

We build our computers to last, ensuring that we use the best available materials and components. We give special attention to the quality of our desktop's chassis for a premium feel on the outside, and the assurance of durability by using quality name-brand components on the inside.

More for your money

We try to make your money go a long way. Combining our use of fast, top-quality components with our praised support, our carefully-assembled computers may not have the smallest price tag, but we can assure you that we make every dollar count.